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Dolce Farina Niente
A gluténmentes olasz

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The ‘Dolce Farina Niente’ gluten-free bistro was established as the ‘descendant’ of the Fragola Ice Cream and Restaurant Chain. Our first shop was opened on the Buda side, next to Pasaréti square, but it soon became clear, that this unique conception was very welcome on the other side of the Danube as well. 

The name has been inspired by Italy, its cheerfulness and energy. The ‘Sweet Flourless Life‘ name contains the promise of joyful diversion and exciting gastronomical adventures. Our guests can freely enjoy our Italian based but colourful and rich creations.

Our Food

Our food variations are highly recommended for those guests who wish to follow a diverse and healthy diet without gluten. Our harmonious, ongoing menu meets also the demands of guests who would like to avoid consuming sugar or lactose. Learn more about our menu!

Our objective is to create an island for our gluten-free, healthy eating communities and to help them discover a balanced and harmonious diet. We would like to make our guests happy by providing them with a new and varied menu and customized services.






Banquet Room

We are pleased to introduce our ‘Banquet room’ service! Would you like to organize a private small gathering for your friends, colleagues? Are you organizing a family event but you have no idea of a location? Should you be looking for the right spot for the grand-parents’ or kids’ birthday, the Dolce Farina Niente Bistro is the perfect choice. You are kindly requested to provide us with the following pieces of information and our team will do their best to make the occasion memorable!

Mindful Eating

Nowadays, more and more people are affected by food intolerance, every third person suffers from some form of it. There are people who get rid of gluten food and dairies in order to find a healthier way of living. While others may be genetically predisposed to food intolerance and they eliminate certain type of ingredients as a precaution to avoid becoming ill. Special diets based on scientific research results and put together by experts, find milk and sugar consumption also harmful besides gluten. In case of mixed food sensitivity, when not only gluten but also milk and/or added sugar should be avoided, dieticians put together diets in a way that no important nutrient shall be missing.

This is what they say about us

We Love Budapest

"It is obvious that the new Fragola unit puts the guests first, here the staff will not pull a face at your special requests.”


Dr. Harasta Edit

(gaszroenterológus főorvos)
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Dusa Fanny, Csengeri Lilla

Dusa Fanny és Csengeri Lilla dietetikusok nagy gyakorlattal rendelkeznek szénhidrát-anyagcsere problémák és pajzsmirigy problémák diétás kezelésében.