Dolce Farine Niente


The Dolce Farina Niente – ‘The gluten-free Italian bistro’ – has been designed with health-consciousness in mind not only for our gluten intolerant guests but also for those who want to eat in a healthy way. Our restaurants have been opened to make life easier for families and group of friends whose diet eliminates gluten, sugar and lactose, but still wish to enjoy themselves in a cosy environment without making compromises. You can consume delicious foods, drinks and desserts in a place that feels like home. Our cooks take your unique requests into consideration when preparing your food and it feels like having your own chef in your own kitchen at home. The staff will make sure, that you are pampered by our special food and drink options.

We hope to see you soon and again!

Best regards,

Balázs Török & Eszter Tihanyi and the Girls 

Our Food

Our menu has been inspired by the Italian kitchen, our pizza and pasta selection, diverse soup offers, starters, gourmet salads, new, mixed meat & vegetable main dishes, surprise deserts, delicious wines, cocktails all aim to offer a wide variety of choices. After you have tasted our food variations, drinking Italian coffee is a must-have. You will definitely love it!

See it for yourself!